The hybrid world of work is here to stay.

Your managers need a new playbook.

Work has changed.

Where we work. When we work. How we work.

Your managers need to change too. Managing in a hybrid work environment is different from managing in the traditional 9-to-5 office environment. To succeed, managers need a more intentional approach to connect their people to something more than just a job.

When people are connected to more than just a job, it means more ideas and higher productivity, as well as higher levels of well-being, resiliency, and agility. It means people acting less like employees and more like co-owners. And it means more people leaning in and wrestling with your organization’s most pressing priorities and toughest challenges.

In this new work environment, people expect more from their job. If your managers do not meet this need, you will lose your best talent to companies with managers that will.


Managers succeed by connecting people to something more

To succeed in today’s hybrid work environment, managers need the ability to connect their people to something more than just a job. Varna Group’s manager development program From Manager to Motivator© couples best practice research with the science of motivation to enable your managers to unlock latent potential within your talent.

How we help

Assess and benchmark your managers

Score and benchmark your managers on behaviors that impact a team’s performance, engagement, and well-being.

Equip your managers to create connection

Give managers the ability to unlock the best within their people, whether remote, in-person, or somewhere in-between.

Provide your managers the support they need

Change doesn’t happen in the classroom — it happens back at work. Give your managers the help they need to change.

Connection turns talent into competitive advantage

Achieve superior business outcomes with managers who tap into internal drives to forge a deeper connection between your talent and the organization to drive engagement and performance.

Whatever level of manager, we can help

Varna Group develops leaders and managers from across functions and industries, within both domestic and multinational organizations.

From the executive suite to the front-line, we tailor our approach to help managers of every level evolve to succeed in the hybrid world of work.