Partnering with the world’s leading organizations

Varna Group is honored to partner with leading organizations from around the globe. Our experience developing and advising leaders across industries and business functions enables our holistic approach to manager development.

Client testimonials

“Varna Group has been a valued partner in both the design and delivery of leadership development experiences for our global executives. Their approach mixing practical application and unpacking methodologies provides an engaging and impactful interaction for a diverse group of leaders.”

Director of Global Leadership Development
Global Hospitality Company

“Varna Group was a great partner to work with to customize a learning program for our commercial leaders from outside the U.S. Over the years, they have worked with a number of different businesses and with various levels of leadership in our organization — both in-person and virtually — and consistently receive great feedback from participants.”

Learning Partner
Large Biopharmaceutical Company

“The instructor was great. I loved his enthusiasm, and he was very good at keeping everyone engaged. It was a very collaborative course that any and all managers can benefit from, and it was one of the best trainings I have attended.”

Senior IT Director
Fortune 100 Motor Vehicle Company

“I can’t say enough positive things about Tony and his abilities. He’s the real deal in a coaching and training market filled with mediocrity and platitudes. He’s exceptional, and I recommend him without reservation.”

David Harding
SVP & CTO, ImageWare Systems, Inc.