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What our customers say

I can’t say enough positive things about Tony and his abilities. He’s the real deal in a coaching and training market filled with mediocrity and platitudes. He’s exceptional, and I recommend him without reservation.

David HardingSVP of Engineering, Platforms at CLEAR

I thought the workshops were brilliant, the facilitators were amazing & did a great job over the 5 weeks. The workshops were thought-provoking - this was the best part, changing the mindset completely. Everyone who attended had really good feedback to share.

Brand ManagerNovo Nordisk

The instructor was great. I loved his enthusiasm, and he was very good at keeping everyone engaged. It was a very collaborative course that any and all managers can benefit from, and it was one of the best trainings I have attended.

Director of ITFortune 100 Motor Vehicle Company

Workshop topics


The New Rules of Engagement

How to Lead in Hybrid Work

What role do managers play in making a hybrid model work? The workforce emerging from the pandemic is profoundly different than the one from two years ago. To implement a successful hybrid work model, organizations need managers and systems that foster greater autonomy and connect people to more than just a job.


Becoming Inclusive Leaders

How to Facilitate More Inclusively

Every day, efforts to build a more inclusive environment are either reinforced or dampened based on how meetings are managed. Organizations looking for a change in inclusivity equip leaders to facilitate conversations in a way that surfaces diverse thinking to drive better business outcomes.


Leading in an Era of Disruption & Digitalization

Adopting an Enterprise Leadership Approach

What kind of leaders does an organization need to thrive during times of business disruption and rapid digitalization? Siloes will always exist; organizations need leaders who look beyond their narrow scope of control and focus their teams on the bigger picture.


What the Best Coaches Do

Fundamentals of High-Impact Coaching

Remote and hybrid work have escalated the need for managers who coach effectively from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘need to have.’ The best coaches are guided by four universal principles that transform everyday interactions into learning and growth experiences.